Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sun Fire X4500

The Sun Fire X4500 data server (code-named Thumper) integrates server and storage technologies. It was announced in July, 2006[1] and is part of the Sun Fire server line from Sun Microsystems.
Supported Operating Systems
* Solaris 10
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0
* SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
* Rocks Cluster Distribution [2]
* Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Standard and Enterprise) [3]
* Microsoft Windows Server 2008 [4]

Solutions using X4500
* Sun Streaming System [5]
* Sun Visualization System [6]
* Sun Secure Data Retrieval Server (SDRS) [7]
* Sun Constellation System [8]
* Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Value ("VTL Value") System [9]
* Luminex Virtual Tape Solution for IBM zSeries mainframes via FICON[10]
* SAS Intelligence Storage [11]
* Greenplum's Sun Data Warehouse Appliance[12]
* G10 Enterprise Video Manager [13]
* Media Server for Symantec Veritas NetBackup [14]
Forty-two Sun Fire X4500 data servers are used to provide Lustre cluster filesystem storage in the TSUBAME supercomputer [15], which was number 7 on June 2006 TOP500 list.

TPC-H World Record
In October 2007, Sun submitted TPC-H result with an X4500 running Sybase IQ. At US $8.11/QphH, it archived the best price/performance among the 1,000 GB results

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